Improvement Communities

SSN members work together to improve their practices through two types of communities:

SSN Innovates Fellows, where 11 emerging leaders participate in an intensive, year-long program to learn and practice the skills they need to drive continuous improvement in their organizations.

Improvement Collabs, where small groups of members collaborate to solve shared challenges, create innovative, data-informed solutions, and learn together how to better serve students.

SSN’s learning community convenings are a space where practitioners from member organizations come together to create solutions to shared challenges and learn from each other and outside experts.

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Data Advisory
The Data Advisory working group analyzes the efficacy of the survey and consults with researchers, institutions and practitioners to determine what changes need to be made and where the network should go next.

Youth Advisory Council
Youth and adult partners, committed to equitable and inclusive decision-making and collaboration, come together to practice the skills they need to effectively partner with one another, solve challenges, and build structures to ensure organizations and our Network are authentically youth-informed.

Networked Improvement Community Online, or NICO, is a social, collaborative platform that fosters knowledge sharing and learning across the network and is an integral part of SSN’s program. It’s a place where members:

• Share resources and best practices;
• Have discussions, rate resources and easily communicate with anyone in the network;
• Access their SEL Data reports;
• Participate in a Continuous Improvement cohort, access Continuous Improvement tools and resources;
• Collaborate with each other in working groups.

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