What We Measure: Which settings and which practices are most conducive to student social emotional learning (SEL) growth? What’s the relationship between SEL and academic outcomes? These are some of the questions SSN members approach by administering the same student self-report survey at the beginning and end of their programs. Members receive interactive visualizations of student SEL growth by site and grade level, which helps them target areas for improvement and test research-based strategies. A unique research-practitioner partnership with Research Alliance for NYC Schools guides our learning and gets us closer to answering the questions most important for the people who are closest to students.  And our focus on improvement over evaluation means members use data to inform their practice and share what they’ve learned with the network.

Our approach to measuring the data that guides social emotional learning
Plan Do Study Act Cycle illustrating our approach to continuous improvement

Continuous Improvement

SSN members are focused on continuously improving their programs so that more students receive the support they need and deserve. This means marrying a rigorous inquiry process with innovative ideas (from their peers and from researchers) to solve challenges and improve student outcomes.


Network Principles

While SSN members differ in program offerings, organizational size, and many other factors, all members strive to embody a set of principles that describe SSN’s unifying values:


  • Have SEL as a foundational element of mission and programmatic approach
  • Believe in and cultivate the power of young people to change their communities
  • Promote an equitable culture where all staff have opportunities to be both teachers and learners
  • Embrace a data-informed, relationship-driven culture where data are used to identify disparities and improve experiences that put all youth on a path to success
  • Contribute to a strong, trusting, and sustainable network by leveraging organizational assets for the collective good

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