Our mission is to create, grow, and fuel a community of organizations collectively closing the opportunity gap in NYC.

Theory of Change

Create an aligned network where members are committed to a vision of student success grounded in both academic and social-emotional learning.

Build a knowledge base about youth social-emotional growth and other indicators of success. 

Build capacity of youth-serving organizations to continuously improve outcomes. 

Share and scale solutions to proliferate evidence-based practices and approaches throughout the network and the field. 

Creating an Aligned Network

Building a Knowledge Base

All members measure 7 key SEL competencies to understand students’ strengths and needs, learn how to best support their students, and answer their burning questions about SEL development.


We seek to create a truly collaborative researcher-practitioner-youth partnership that puts practitioners and youth in the drivers’ seat. We partner with Research Alliance for NYC Schools to ask youth and adults from within our network to leverage the different but equally valuable expertise of each group with the goal of improving our SEL measurement and ultimately ensuring our research is actionable and useful for members.


Through a partnership with Resonant Education, all SSN members access reports containing interactive visualizations of student SEL growth by demographics, site, and grade level (as well as program-specific breakdowns), helping them target areas for improvement in their practice and test research-based strategies. To ensure data is as high-quality as possible, members receive coaching from the SSN team around best practices for data collection.

Building Capacity

Improvement Lab

The Student Success Network Improvement Lab is a learning-to-action program designed to build capacity in member organizations to:


1. use data to improve

2. partner with youth in decision-making, and

3. integrate SEL into program model


…through preparing practitioners and managers from youth-serving organizations with tools and support to lead organizational improvement efforts.

Elevating Youth Voice

SSN’s Elevating Youth Voice program reimagines the role students play in their organizations and schools through equipping both youth and adults with the skills, mindsets, and structures needed to partner with one another in improving outcomes and processes. Specifically, it:


– Equips Youth Leaders with the knowledge and skills to become advocates and creators of change in the nonprofit sector;


– Supports Adult Partners with the tools to effectively partner with youth to improve their organizations;


– Facilitates the development of systems and structures within organizations to sustain youth-adult partnerships and makes them a fundamental part of organizational culture and operations.


The Data Advisory Working Group meets regularly with Research Alliance staff, bringing their expertise to an ongoing conversation about how to improve SEL measurement and how to ensure data is actionable for practitioners.

Sharing and Scaling Solutions

A map of all 5 boroughs of NYC

Resource Library

The Resource Library is an online collection of practices, guides, tools, and research to improve academic, social, and emotional learning of young people. Student Success Network staff, members, young people, and partners contribute these resources. Use it to find, request, or add a resource.

Bright Spots & Promising Practices

Research Alliance for NYC Schools analyzes the Network’s social-emotional learning (SEL) survey data to identify Bright Spot sites — sites where participants experience greater growth in at least one SEL factor compared to similar young people across the Network. Practitioners at Bright Spot sites share promising practices that they hypothesize improve their participants’ SEL.



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