SSN COVID-19 Statement

Dear Network Members,

Like you, we are continually monitoring the COVID-19 situation. To be safe, we plan on designing all engagements to be accessible through Zoom and additional virtual tools through at least April 20th.  

We know that many of you are making difficult decisions about if and how to operate programs, what guidelines to offer staff, and how to best serve your communities in the midst of COVID-19. Because we are a Network that creates and fuels spaces for collaboration, we want to remain loyal to this now more than ever.

As always, the Network is for and by you and we hope it continues to be a space for you during this time of uncertainty. We thought it may be helpful to have digital spaces to share policies, guidelines, and resources with one another so you can see how different members are protecting their students, staff, and communities in the coming weeks and months.  

  • One space we have already created is SSN Community, an email-based forum for members to ask one another for advice and recommendations about anything and everything you all may need support with in your work. In light of everything going on, we hope you all use this forum to have a conversation. If you are not already a member of SSN Community, we invite you and your staff to please subscribe!


  • We have also populated our Resource Library with resources that offer some light to navigating this time of uncertainty.  


  • In addition, we will be opening up virtual Network Community Meetings – holding space to catch up as a Network, ask questions and share resources. 


We are here for you: please let us know if you have any other thoughts as to how we can work together and support each other in our shared efforts to create safe environments for our communities.  


All the best and continue to stay safe,

The SSN Team

Gina Darnaud
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