Foundations for Youth Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Development

Research Alliance for NYC Schools analyzes the Network’s social-emotional learning (SEL) survey data to identify “Bright Spot” sites— sites where participants experience greater growth in at least one SEL factor compared to similar young people across the Network. SSN staff, including youth interns, interview practitioners at “Bright Spot” sites to learn promising practices that they hypothesize improve their participants’ SEL.

“Bright Spot” practitioners are clear that one-off activities are not enough. Adults need to create a supportive environment in order for activities and practices to take root. Student Success Network staff captured six foundations that “Bright Spot” practitioners see as building blocks of an environment that supports youth SEL development.

Use this Reflection Tool to:

  • Reflect on ways your program is currently supporting youth SEL development;
  • Identify new ways to support SEL development in your program.

Download the complete Foundations for Youth SEL Development Reflection Tool or preview it below. 

Visit the SSN Resource Library to view similar resources and more from our Network.  

Alexandra Lotero

Alexandra is passionate about the power of putting actionable data in the hands of practitioners and youth. Her mission is to support practitioners, researchers, and youth in creating data-informed, relationship-driven cultures that continuously improve student experiences that put all youth on a path to success. She is the proud daughter of Latin American immigrants, a City Year New York AmeriCorps alum, and the former Operations and Program Director for the 115-member NYC Civic Corps and 10-member NYC VISTA AmeriCorps programs at the NYC Mayor’s Office.

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