What drives outcomes for young people?

Join 45 organizations collaborating to close the opportunity gap!


Over the past five months, Network members have met monthly in Collabs, or results-focused working groups aimed at improving four important student outcome areas:

Collabs aim to provide a space to:

  1. Improve a key aspect of your program
  2. Learn and apply a proven method to drive improvement
  3. Expand your thinking by learning from other organizations
  4. Build your professional network


Members started their continuous improvement journey by generating a hypothesis for change.  Check out an example from a team at Good Shepherd Services example below!

Collab participants collaboratively created their hypotheses and organized them using a tool called a driver diagram.

Check-out the driver diagrams all of the Collabs created on the resource library. The diagrams are constantly improving so check back frequently to learn what network members are working on!

Want to join these members and more to collaboratively close the opportunity gap? Join in at the All-Collab Summit on March 27th!

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Ali Slack

Ali’s goal is to promote a culture of continuous learning and improvement among SSN organizations and practitioners. She believes that those who work closest with youth hold a wealth of knowledge and experience, and thus is passionate about empowering practitioners to be the change makers their students need. Prior to joining SSN, she taught high school as a TFA Corps Member in Atlanta, GA, and later worked as a management consultant where she learned tools and strategies to lead improvement efforts.


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