What does collaboration look like at SSN?

What does collaboration look like at SSN?

It looks like...

Colleagues from SSN’s 65 member organizations showing up to tackle four key student outcomes: Middle School Success, Post-Secondary Readiness & Access, Post-Secondary Persistence & Success, and Career Attainment

A panel of experts, network members from YMCA of Greater NY, STEM From Dance, and Good Shepherd Services, sharing what’s working and what’s not working

Practitioners leveraging change management principles to better lead change

Members learning from other fields and each other to better know if changes are working

… It looks like March 27th, 2019 — the SSN All-Collab Summit!

All 4 collabs convening for the all-collab summit

Collab Spotlight Panel

Panelists at the all-collab summit

Panelists from three organizations shared their change journeys to date. The YMCA of Greater NY’s Mercedes Rivas, STEM From Dance’s Doretha Dawkins, and Good Shepherd Services’ Yael Gil’Adi and Naim Faruqui all detailed the successes and challenges they’ve encountered with their change ideas, each sharing anecdotes, and answering questions about the different ways they’ve been able to use data and build buy-in at their organization. All four panelists were transparent about their process, and gave valuable tips to the audience!

Design Thinking Breakout Session: How might I know if my change is having an impact?

Tracking indicator data is an essential part of the improvement process, but it’s challenging to know what kind of data to collect, and how to use data to shift or scale a change idea. To explore this issue, participants read and discussed a case study drawn from the healthcare industry, learned about three key characteristics of a good indicator, and envisioned a narrative for an indicator important to their program by designing and sharing run charts. Want to learn more about this breakout? Check out the resource library.

Design Thinking Breakout Session: How might I better lead change?

Change is challenging, and John Kotter’s 8 pitfalls when leading change is a great tool to use in diagnosing challenges with and planning for change efforts. Participants explored 4 scenarios sourced from challenges they have experienced when leading change. Together, participants determined which pitfalls might be at play to get to the root cause of the challenge and brainstormed strategies to address the challenge. Want to facilitate this activity with your staff? Check out the resource library.


Continue collaborating by:
  • Exploring the drivers network members are working on to help close the opportunity gap!
  • Conducting a PDSA cycle to try an idea and track an indicator to see if it worked!
  • Checking in with a Collab in April to share your progress (online; dates TBD)
  • Attending a Collab meeting in May to work on communicating your change (In-person, dates TBD)


Coming up opportunities:

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Ali Slack

Ali’s goal is to promote a culture of continuous learning and improvement among SSN organizations and practitioners. She believes that those who work closest with youth hold a wealth of knowledge and experience, and thus is passionate about empowering practitioners to be the change makers their students need. Prior to joining SSN, she taught high school as a TFA Corps Member in Atlanta, GA, and later worked as a management consultant where she learned tools and strategies to lead improvement efforts.

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