Newsletter Issue 23: Think Tank, Staff SEL Opportunities

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Newsletter Issue 23 – February 2018

Grab a spot at the ThinkTank to connect with others and design creative solutions for shared challenges. RSVP now and invite anyone at your organization who is ready to improve.

Have You RSVP’d yet?

Take a pause from your daily grind to innovate together at the 2018 Think Tank next week. Collab-orators and Collab-curious members are all invited to this exciting morning of learning from each others’ inspiring ideas, building and sharing SEL expertise, and designing solutions to improve outcomes for students. Bring your #problemsolving skills, your thinking cap, and your team. More details and agenda can be found here.

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What else? You’ll hear from panelists Alisa France and Chelsea Frosini from Opportunity Network, and Felicia Prince and Amelia Kreski from Green City Force, all of whom are excited to share how their change ideas are impacting their organizations.

What Do You Want to See More of?

Use your voice and this opportunity to shape your network: take this quick 5-min feedback survey to help us improve. Let us know what you want to see more of as well as what you want to leave behind.

Interested in Staff SEL?

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Members are coming together in March to develop an adult version of our measurement tool that can help gauge staff SEL and its connections to student SEL. Respond to this email if you are interested in joining Ramapo for Children, Code/Interactive, EHTP, Center for Family Life, our research partners at Research Alliance, and others in understanding staff-level SEL data at your organization!

Looking for something else? Reply to this email with ideas and suggestions.

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Sooah Rho

Sooah is passionate about the power of young people to change their communities. She focuses on identifying ways SSN can continue to grow and cultivate an inclusive network that elevates the most important voices in education: practitioner and youth. Prior to joining SSN, Sooah was a high school English teacher in Oakland, CA where she was awarded Teacher of the Year by Oakland Unified Charter Schools 2016.

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