Newsletter Issue 21: Full of Gratitude for 2017, Ready to Embrace 2018

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Newsletter Issue 21 – December 2017

Full of gratitude for a successful 2017.
Ready to embrace 2018 together.

2017, you’ve been great…

As this year comes to an end we’re taking the time to reflect on all the exciting things the network has already accomplished.

SSN Youth Advisory Council representatives

A Fresh Perspective

Members of our Youth Advisory Council sat down with SSN staff at every level to learn more about our priorities, challenges, and goals. They’re working now to create recommendations to push SSN to be more clear, efficient, and accessible.

 Improvement Leaders

Fellows have been working hard to reach ambitious individual and organizational goals. We can’t wait to see what they can accomplish and learn together in 2018.

SSN Innovates Fellowship improvement leaders
SSN Collab members

 New Partnerships

Collab members are working together towards better outcomes for students. Learning from and leaning on one another, the network gets stronger as partnerships build.

…but we’re ready for 2018!

SSN Innovates Think Tank participants
SSN Innovates Think Tank participants 2

Save the date now for SSN Innovates: Think Tank, where all collabs will come together to share out progress and take away ideas to push ahead.

More Opportunities

1. Share your Magic

2. Be a Mentor

Looking for something else? We’re always working to bring you opportunities and information that matter to you. Let us know how we’re doing and email with any suggestions.

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Sooah Rho

Sooah is passionate about the power of young people to change their communities. She focuses on identifying ways SSN can continue to grow and cultivate an inclusive network that elevates the most important voices in education: practitioner and youth. Prior to joining SSN, Sooah was a high school English teacher in Oakland, CA where she was awarded Teacher of the Year by Oakland Unified Charter Schools 2016.

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