Newsletter Issue 17: Continuous Improvement, Learning Visits, #YouthVoice

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Newsletter Issue 17 – July 2017

Start your year of improvement off right by reviewing last year’s learnings and setting goals for the next.

SSN community practices

SSN and You

Your work with SSN is making a lasting impact on NYC students. Last academic year, over 40 innovations were tested, measured and shared. RSVP to the following events to 1) figure out how to make the most of the SSN community and 2) understand your data in comparison to the network

Let’s Get Started

August orientation
September data lab

Hosting a Learning Visit

Learning Visit

Share what you do & learn from others by hosting a learning visit. Reach out to or use this sign up sheet to list a date and time for members to visit your organization or sign up to visit one!

#YouthVoice #SelfAdvocacy

Believe in and cultivate the power of young people to change their communities

What We’re Reading

To Whom It May Concern: Teens Take Charge hosted a student-led event targeted at empowering youth to tell stories and create art about their experience in NYC schools.

Very Powerful Voices: The Influence of Youth Organizing on Educational Policy in Philadelphia: Read about the impact youth organizers are practicing self-advocacy.

Youth Voice and Self Advocacy

Check out Involving Youth in Program Decision-Making: How Common and What Might it Do for Youth? to find out how giving youth a direct role in program decision-making has the potential to raise several SEL-related competencies and to increase students’ motivation to engage in programming, especially among older students.

Visit NICO for more articles and resources.

Tell us what you think.

Respond to this email or reach out to for more information about the events and/or to think through who from your team should be there.

Don’t see an opportunity you like? Respond to this email or reach out to with any and all suggestions!

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Sooah Rho

Sooah is passionate about the power of young people to change their communities. She focuses on identifying ways SSN can continue to grow and cultivate an inclusive network that elevates the most important voices in education: practitioner and youth. Prior to joining SSN, Sooah was a high school English teacher in Oakland, CA where she was awarded Teacher of the Year by Oakland Unified Charter Schools 2016.

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